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As a leader in Radiation and Safety Services services, we offer expert solutions and state-of-the-art resources. Our radiation services are provided by Radiation Safety Officers and other technically qualified staff with many years of experience in the radiation Safety and Protection area.

Hospitals and Institutes who deal with X-Ray and radioactive material and equipment's are responsible for ensuring that their radiation minimize harm and risk to Technicians, workers and Public which will enable you to comply with Atomic Energy Regulatory Board regulations.

High Professionals Great Responsibility Avaliability to do service done to showcase
features and support to provide to all hospitals & radiographers.

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ADITHISRI Radiation Services offers a calibration reminder service, industry leading support, and speedy service. Our calibration and repair specialists are ready to assist you...

Acceptance Testng

The quality control of X-ray images is influenced by a number of parameters. To maintain the consistent performance of X-ray installations, quality checks to be conducted...

Radiation Services

Institutes and organisations that deal with radioactive material and radiation apparatus are responsible for ensuring that their activities minimize harm and risk to workers...

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