Products Description

X-ray Image on developed film will disappear as time goes. To keep and save patients' record for a long time, you need large storage space in your clinic. By scanning your analogue film image and converting it to digitalized file through Roviscan, you can easily save x-ray image into your computer.
With Roviscan, you can access to clinical record and store every patient's clinical history more efficiently.

Product Features

  •  High-resolution scanner for dental X-ray film (600dpi/14bit,) provides you with clear dental radiography.
  •  Digital image can be processed very fast. You can see the best image quality within 1~ 2 sec.
  •  Easy and simple operation. Rextar LCD is more useful than stand type conventional X-ray in operation room.
  • It is compatible with the existing network so you can share all the data through network by connecting with existing dental insurance program or management software.
  • Excellent image realization and advantage of storing data
  • Efficient API supporting by TWAIN and suitable API for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista.


REXTAR EXO 1414's Technical Specifications


  • X-Ray Unit Input Power : 19 VDC 3.16A
  • Battery Charger Input Power : 100-240 VAC, 50~60Hz 1.7A
  • Output Power : 140W
  • Inherent Filtration for X-Ray Tube : Min. 1.0mmAl
  • Power Supply : 11.1 VDC (Battery)
  • Battery : 11. 1 V
  • Frequency : 70kHz
  • Focal Spot size for X-Ray Tube : 0.4 X 0.4 mm
  • Tube kV/Ma : 70kV/2mA(Fixed)
  • Max. Deviation in Kv : ±4%
  • Max. Deviation in MAs : ±10%
  • Total Filtration : 1.5mm
  • Weight : 1.7kg
  • Model Name for X-Ray Tube : D-041

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